3, 2, 1... BOOK!

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Launch party over! I'm making a note here... HUGE SUCCESS.

To be completely honest with you, when I committed myself to doing a solo launch party for my book, I was really nervous. Well, it turns out I didn't need to be worried, we packed the coffee-haus with Reds!

Even though I was trapped behind my table busily signing books and talking to all you wonderful people (!!) I had a TON of fun and it seems like everyone had a good time. Thank you everyone for making my first-ever launch party so awesome.

If you snapped a few shots I would appreciate it if you could take a moment to add them to the facebook album HERE.

Now that the launch party is over, the book is... well... launched! Everyone, everywhere in the world can order their very own copy in the shop!

These copies are NOT signed by me, but they ship from the USA and will get to most of you much cheaper and faster, leaving me time to concentrate on the Artist Editions (it's a LOT of work and I am doing the best that I can!).  From here on out, the only way to get a signed book is to see me at an event. The next one is NEW ENGLAND WEBCOMICS WEEKEND, and after that will be EMERALD CITY COMICCON. I'm still working on my con schedule for next year beyond March/April, but if you want to see me at YOUR local show, tell your show organizers!

So order your copy now, happy reading, and thanks for everything :)


drake7707's picture

Ordered :), let's hope the carrier pigeons find their way to Belgium wooooo.

cryxia's picture

typewriter guestbook! everyone should have one of these *nod nod* you're a genius Jam!

Jam's picture

I must admit, it wasn't (completely) my idea! My good friend Jocelyn used this as the guestbook at her wedding, she was gracious enough to let me borrow the machine and the idea :D

garmoan's picture

I just got my book in the mail down here in Australia :) Awesomeness

Best invoice ever! Since it has a little drawing of "mom" saying thanks :D heheh

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