Welcome to the Real World is here!


[update: Jun 3, 2012]: All special editions are complete and have been shipped. Thanks for your patience and support everyone!

[update: May 8, 2012]: I was travelling when it happened but the artist editions are now officially SOLD OUT! Thank you SO much everyone, I'm really pleased with how well all of this went :) I am finished with convention travel now so all my energy will be devoted (once again) to the artist edition processing. I'm very close to 2/3s of the way through the artist eds and am confident that it will be complete soon. Thanks again!

[update: April 8, 2012 10:00pm]: After a hard weekend of work, all 100 XUWBW eds are complete! Most of them are going into the post on Tuesday, or you can pick them up this Saturday at the launch party! Work on the Artist editions will begin tomorrow night :) There are only 60 Artist Editions left

[update: April 3, 2012 12:00am]: Back from Emerald City Comiccon and caught up on order processing. Welcome to the Real World broke even on Saturday! (That means I've sold enough books to pay for the print run) It paid for itself in one week, that's so beyond fantastic I can't even explain! Also: More than half of the Artist Editions are sold. THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!

[update: March 28, 2012 11:00am]: XUWBW eds are SOLD OUT! Artist eds are still available :)

[update: March 26, 2012 9:00pm]: There are 15 XUWBW eds left :)

[update: March 25, 2012 11:00am]: Alright! 24 hours in and I have a few things to report. Firstly, in the initial wave of sales we were having some significant problems with the shipping calculator and international credit cards. Those problems are now fixed, so if you were having problems before, you should be able to order now without difficulty! Secondly, 60 % of the XUWBW eds are sold, and 25% of the artist editions are also gone. Thank you so much everyone, you're all amazing!

[update: March 24, 2012 11:00am]: Ok... GO!

[update: March 23, 2012]: The book is launching tomorrow! I've had some reports that the countdown clock is showing different times in different timezones, but we can't isolate or reproduce the problem. So now there is an uglier counter that will hopefully be more accurate. 

[update March 20, 2012]: FINALLY! FINALLY the paperwork went through! My shop works again! WE ARE GO FOR LAUNCH: MARCH 24 at 11:00 AM PST

The second book is almost here!! Don't miss out on the artist editions! Watch this page and twitter.com/angelamelick for the most up to date information.


WILL LAUNCH: MARCH 24th, 2012 - 11:00AM PST!!



WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD collects the webcomic from the very first colour strip to the end of my job in Mission, BC. It's 152 pages full colour and includes never-before-seen comics (created just for this book!), and over 20 pages of bonus art, commentary and behind the scenes material. 



Avaiable in 3 different editions:


(aka: "XUWBW ed" - only 100 available!)


  • Book with custom ink and one-tone drawing by the artist
  • PDF ebook version of the book
  • Double sided 5x7 print (JRPG / Squirrel powered poking contraption)
  • exclusive! SECOND Double sided 5x7 print (Saftey. Srsly / Cover )
  • exclusive! 3" Vinyl TED sticker
  • exclusive! Real World Survival Guide (12 pp b&w)
  • exclusive! Squirrel Powered Poking Contraption MUG




(only 200 available!)

  • Book with custom ink and one-tone drawing by the artist
  • PDF ebook version of the book
  • 5x7 double sided print (JRPG/Squirrel Powered Poking Contraption)






  • The book! Ships immediately from the USA :)





All the special editions are lovingly drawn in by me. Once the 300 special edition books are sold, you won't be able to order a customized version of this book :( so don't miss out! See you tomorrow!

Video Update: March 29, 2012


Check out what people thought of my first book, We Are The Engineers!

book 1

"We Are The Engineers" by Angela Melick is a wonderful collection of her "Wasted Talent" comic strips.  Although it does focus on the life of an Engineering student, all the jokes and references are easy to pick up on and all the pain, triumphs, and psychological trauma are expressed in ways that anyone who's ever had to suffer through higher education.The book spans from her second year as a Mechanical Engineering Student all the way to her graduation, and it is rather lovely to see the author's character avatar -as well as her art style- evolve through the book, giving it a lovely, self-contained sense of character growth both in dialogue, storytelling, and visuals.  This book is undoubtedly one of the best collections of webcomics out there in that it's not JUST a collection.  It's a contained chapter in the life of an Engineer, and I can't wait to read about the trials, tribulations, and possibly massive alcohol assumption that the rest of her life holds.  That, and the explosive squirrels.  Those are a menace, I tell you."

-- Ren, Norfolk VA

"I bought book one for my wife, she is a CS, and just loves it. I myself have read it several times and enjoyed very much. Looking forward to book two."

-- David, Søborg, Denmark

"I picked up my copy of 'We are the Engineers' when it came out and was amazed by the overall quality of the book. Jam redrew all of the first comics detailing her university life, and they all look fantastic (the red, black, and white is a nice touch). The bonus content (not included on the site) includes an awesome commentary by Jam on the comics, photos and extra art. In addition she includes some great figures and commentary explaining life on the UBC campus (I, for one, didn't know what the PP was, the definition of a Keener, or the meaning of the iron ring [which I don't have as an American engineer]). The updated art as well as the bonus content in the book make this book well worth buying for both new fans as well as veteran fans of the comic."

---Dan, Illinois