Writing Comics at VPL

Event Date: 
February 6, 2012 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
350 W Georgia St

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at this comicking thing? Are you a skilled prose writer but are wondering what's different about writing for comics? Are you a great artist but wish you could weave more compelling stories?

Join me in February at the Vancouver Public Library for a free session on Writing Comics!

In this introductory session we'll cover:

  • Storytelling tricks you may not have noticed in comics
  • Using all of the medium's strengths to build characters, settings and stories
  • Techniques particular to writing comedy (but this isn't a comedy-focused session! We'll cover many different genres)
  • Comic-specific writing techniques like thumbnailing
  • How to get your stories seen by readers

If you were at my art demo at OPUS last year, this event is the perfect counterpoint, as we'll be exploring the other side of the coin.

Will conclude with an open Q&A with Angela and other local comic writers!