Fuseblower's picture

Ouch! Bad times. I know it sounds very boring, but try to let it have a chance for a good recovery before attempting too much with it - we'll understand.

Kelekona's picture

Do you still have watercolors? I dare you to do some messy impressionist stuff, maybe get a Sumi brush or pre-filled liquid brush pens.

Myoukochou's picture

Poor Jam! Hope you heal up well! Don't worry, we'll be patient. :)

BearPerson's picture

Whoa - that's actually pretty good for minor-handed drawing.

Oh, you should totally try to get Yuko to do a guest comic, she did left-handed updates for a while when she had dominant hand troubles.
Of course, she'll be waaay too busy to do any, I guess...

Pierre Lebeaupin's picture
Pierre Lebeaupin

Broken dominant wrist? Ah! As if that was going to stop Jam for comicking this week! Jam laughs in the face of such adversity. Well done, I can hope to be so bold should something like this happen to me.

Also, I don't know if it is because you did it slowly, but that's impressive for a non-dominant hand drawing! When Yuko (Yuko Ota, of , for those of you following along from home) eased off her right hand, it was worse than that at first, though by the last one in the series ( ) I couldn't tell, really (well, except for the panel borders…). I noted however that your "voice" felt different in this one; even though I think I've seen you use that font before, the "narration" with that font does not feel the same as when your usual hand lettering is used (but hey, whichever way you use to get a comic out anyway, I won't complain…)

So, get well soon, get rest, take it easy, feel free to take a break, best recovery wishes, hope you will stand the cast well, what else… wish you little paperwork and few health insurance troubles. Anyway, best wishes for everything.

Jam's picture

Ah, that's interesting. Lettering is definitely the hardest part and will be the last thing I try to put in a comic, if I do get that far.

ItinerantSoldier's picture

Nasty to hear about this. But your left-handed drawing is extremely impressive. Do you draw/write with it occasionally to keep it from becoming a useless lump of hand in cases like this?

Anyway, here's to October coming quicker than expected for ya.

Jam's picture

No, but I have been using a left handed mouse for a few years so I wonder if that did more benefit than I was giving it credit for?

Tasslehoff Burrfoot

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery, IDK if I can handle 6 weeks of no WT comics lol

reynard61's picture

I guess you could call that last panel a *puts on Cool Shades* Thumbnail drawing...


treborg's picture

Your left hand drawing is amazing but probably exhausting. Are you going to work with your right hand immobilized?

Best wishes and a speedy full recovery!

mamafrog's picture

Dang--I have a son who does that to his fingers!! Or he hits them with a hammer, really hard. It's interesting to watch a thumbnail being sewn back on.

Sage's picture

Jam, just wanted to say that I kinda like this new 'style' of drawing. Try to flesh it out, see where it leads, it's interesting to see what you can do when you're trying to draw in a more...serious (but eastern) style.

Get better soon, and so on. Also, Mike's injury (and the obviousness of it) had be laughing out loud (still hoping they get better at using power tools too).

Sidhekin's picture

Piercings, man ... I'll never understand the appeal!

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