Mitchellfrom Aus's picture
Mitchellfrom Aus

That is a sneeze that broke the soundbarrier.

Fuseblower's picture

In our house, if anybody sneezes like that (usually me, unfortunately) it's quite normal for anybody else in the room to say "Are you sure about that?"

Which is a pain, because that usually makes me do it again!

Lancer Jones LeRay

His cast is an interesting color.

Jam's picture

He has an ace bandage over a partial cast

Vagabondknight's picture

If that's an accurate portrayal of how he sneezes, he's got my sympathies since that's about how my sneezes go.  (I'm sure it's no picnic for you either!)  When I sneeze everyone around me, people constantly ask if I'm ok or if I need to see a doctor.  Funny thing is they ask if its for whiplash, not my sinuses.

Jam's picture

It is! He's a quiet guy but he has crazy loud sneezes! And I'm spooked by loud sudden noises so it took me quite a few years to get used to.

General Specific's picture
General Specific

I sneeze big like that all the time, sometimes I'll end it by saying, "And you can quote me."

CrazyAlmostCanuk's picture

Gedsuntheit, Trev. We heard you all the way down here, across the border. Not in town, naturally, background noises would have drowned it out. But we were kayaking, and heard it. Followed shortly thereafter by mildly increased chop.

Needsmoresleep's picture

Yeaaaaaah.....I sneeze like that...and immediately afterwards hundreds of people in a 5 square mile area are wondering why they've just lost their hearing.

sakuraruby's picture

My kindergarten teacher thought I was sneezing loud on purpose and she would put me in time out everytime I sneezed....

I'm a loud person...I sneeze loud...can't help it.

It made me very sad ;___;

Kamina910's picture

Do you and/or travor still play WoW?

Jam's picture

No, he played for awhile after I decided to quit (I just plain prefer to use the time to draw comics... I don't play any video games anymore period), and he went back to his usual diet of first-person shooters :)

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