HybridRain's picture

omg this happen too have you been spying me???? on my university happened and they haven't figured out why people have good grades XD

georgehank's picture

"Ethics". Literally lol funny.

andcarne's picture

It's even funnier because they still haven't fixed this.

fabbelabben's picture

I haven't been to college, so I don't understand half of these. I'm going to ask on this one anyway, risking being called an idiot: Why is it funny cause it's ethics?


The course is supposed to teach us how to avoid legal issues.  This is primarily by not taking other peoples work, behaving honorably, etc.  Cheating on an exam is considered unethical.  Therefore, we cheat on the ethics exam.  The power of irony compells you!

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It's supposed to be a serious course about proper ethical professional behaviour, yet the way it's run (with online exams and poor structure) means it ends up being the Engineering course with probably the highest degree of cheating.

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Symmetrical Feet

It's stuff like that that allows me to pass classes like History, the ones in which we're made to memorise volumes of useless data. Who was general for -this- battle? Dun care; I'll forget it after the course is over. -Why- was the battle there? Why was the war started? That's more important to know. And it's harder to Google, albeit slightly.
...When you have schooling that's solved by Google juxtaposed with Google, stuff like this will surely result.

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irony at it best. :3

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