Mitchellfrom Aus's picture
Mitchellfrom Aus

YOU FOOL! Never send a man to costco alone. ;)

MitchellfromUSA's picture

RIGHT?! where i live we don't have costco, but we have sam's club. its owned by walmart but sells things in bulk. from what i hear, its like costco, only without the variety. also, your name compelled me to create an acount on here, even though i've been following this comic for months. kudos :)

Mitchellfrom Aus's picture
Mitchellfrom Aus

Thank, that's nice.:)

Mitchellfrom Aus's picture
Mitchellfrom Aus

Also, there is 1 costco store in Australia and its on the other side of the country.

SomeKiwiGuy's picture

Unfortunately there appear to be Zero total Costco stores in NZ. I want mah huge bag of Jelly bellies..

Suilean Dubh's picture
Suilean Dubh

Jelly beans always had a weird texture to me... Like blueberries. I approve of the "Jelleh Belleh" though. Creative food techniques FTW!

greg's picture

Well, at least he didn't pour them into a bowl and pour Coke over it and eat it like cereal!  (Btw, do NOT let him do this.  That's a one-way ticket to diabetes town.)

Lookatme's picture

at least they aren't butterfingers. those things are just fried peanut butter covered in chocolate, they are horribly delicious. 

also better not send him during holloween sales, the bags get bigger.

peterntrinh's picture

Trevor is my hero.

saigan's picture

Well it does save on washing up..

GIRakaCHEEZER's picture

Costco is a great place to buy candy in bulk.  That's one of the few things I like in bulk, really.

Also I'm not sure if this is the place where I should be posting this, but your forums seem a bit overrun with spambots.

matrixviking's picture

I'm not sure Vancouver *has* a Costco...does it?


Hope you're feeling better, Jam!


And yeah, $6 for soup is too much, even in Canada!


4ndy's picture

Well, you got yet another fan through QC, sadly I didn't find this place until just after I graduated from mech eng here, but very much enjoyed looking through the archives over the last couple of afternoons. :) So...much...cute...

I wish we could get those snazzy iron rings here, but just had to settle for a pat on the head and some silly latin hymns.

Also, I'm pretty sure I've used that method to carry a few packs of biscuits along with my tea before :P

Ronald Riehn

When I was still up at Ft. Drum, NY my wife and I looked up the closest Ikea and the closest Costco at one point. Both were in Canada, and the next closest was a four-hour drive away near Alberta or five hour for NYC.

Robert C. Trudeau

Omg, I love Jelly Bellies!  That's a great idea he's got there, Trevor is brilliant!  Also, Jam's face in the last panel is so adorable, haha.

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