Aatar's picture

"Still unemployed" is a rubbish way of putting it. You're "Creatively Idle".

Zombiedude's picture

I can't think of saying anything better than Aatar so umm.... nice comic

jadedcritic's picture

Been there, done that. Don't think of it as unemployment, think of it as mandatory, unpaid vacation.

Gish's picture

Finally got through reading your archives, gotta say...I love it. Funny thing is...between your signature art style and mannerisms, you remind me of my sister. Though, she tends to hit "cutesy" a lot more often. *sigh* I tried to raise her to be a man...I fail.

Anywho, just sayin you rock and I'll swing by here to read up on it. You've been added to my "daily webcomic" hunt I go on when I wake up lol. Keep up the good work.

Horu's picture

This comic fairly accurately displays my life at the moment. I didn't realize graduating and then getting a job sucked so much.

Jam's picture

Horu wrote:This comic fairly accurately displays my life at the moment. I didn't realize graduating and then getting a job sucked so much.

Hey, Horu :D Yeah, I never EVER would have thought that being unemployed would be WORSE than drowning in coursework, but at least when you finish your coursework you've ACCOMPLISHED something :'(

brakoth's picture

*sigh* i know how ya feel. i need a job as well. btw, im trying to become a zoologist. or at least anything that involves animals. :) i lovez teh critters

AJ's picture

Heh... a lot of unemployeds (or rather, "creatively idle") people here. I myself an one of them, but unfortunately do not have the satisfaction of being a college graduate to show for it :(

BTW, that coffee/tea shop you're in gives you individual French presses? That's WIN!

Mew_chan's picture

I was' technically' unemployed for 7 months (since I didnt have a job in my field) while still having a job but that job didnt count cuz it was in fast food >.> But now I has job so al good :D

reformingfarmer's picture

why are you unemployed? the demand for mechs is high... isn't it? please tell me after this hell of a 4 year sprint to the finish there will be something good!

ChangingHazumu's picture

I know how it is I had been unemployed for six months.

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