We all Scream for Gela--hm...


majinekochan's picture

I know Victoria is like that. When I was visiting on a school trip, we were walking down the street and there was hardly a block without a gelateria. Same goes for the Pike Street area of Seatle

The Suki's picture
The Suki

You know, I've never actually had the stuff. I know there are a few places around here, but I haven't tried it yet.

darter9000's picture

The two guys in suits... almost look like... Phoenix Wright... and that old dude that taught Miles Edgeworth...

elgefe's picture

I just read through the entire archives in one sitting, I love your comic. I think being an Electrical Engineering student (though no Chinese on our club cards), with a lvl 70 character in WoW, helps me appreciate the humor.
Do you have your iron ring yet? Any pics? We don't nave that custom here in Venezuela, but my father has one from his Ph.D from UF, but I think it is steel, hope to get one after I get my master's degree there.

Ragar's picture

Awesome comic. I've got no idea where I found the link since it took me a few days to finish the archives, but regardless it was a great read (though reading it while I was supposed to be paying attention to WoW may not have been the best idea in retrospect). I'll have to share this with some of my engineer friends; no mechies, but they'll still enjoy it.

brakoth's picture

i can say no. never really liked it.

Sarishje's picture

One time, my family visited Italy (my dad's in the Army, so we move around a lot. Except we've been stuck in good ole Kansas for like 9 years now...) and we got this cantaloupe gelato. Oh my god! It was even better than an actual cantaloupe!

JesseT77's picture

gela-hunh? loox liek ice cream *head*scritch*

teddybearprincess's picture

*tilts head to the side*

Power Moose's picture
Power Moose

Aaah Gelato, the "I'm too elite to be ice cream" frozen treat.

mykalwane's picture

In canada gelato = ice cream. They also have there sugar by the cane. Which is so much more enjoyable then processed sugar.

Kirbygod's picture

*sigh* a gelato is ice-cream that has been made using twice the amount of sugar and is kept at about -5 degrees C (or 23 degrees for you Americans *glower*) for a day or two before serving, so it's just a really soft sugary ice-cream-like treat.... they has in most citys GO FIND! *points to inter-blag*

Robin Goodfellow's picture
Robin Goodfellow

Is this true?! As a pastry chef, I must know the difference!

How can I verify this amazering fact?

Robin Goodfellow's picture
Robin Goodfellow

I got back from Italy a few weeks ago, and in Rome there are gelato stops on EVERY. SINGLE. CORNER.


Not so much in Venice, but it's not hard to find gelato in Italy, lemme tell you. I would have personally expected to see gelateria at about the same frequency you see ice cream stores in the U.S. but I was wrong.

SamRosh's picture

Gelato is the best thing ever. of all time.

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