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Perhaps you need Glamping? (As in no draughty old tents, but wooden huts, etc)

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At least you guys don't take an RV with TV/Hottub/etc/etc.
I seem to remember camping as what you can fit in a backpack and a cooler... but I was a lot younger back then! Now having an air mattress n' portable electronics are almost mainstay


Your modern mainstay is my childhood's norm. If you concede the fact that a small subset of the home library and a flashlight is largely comparable to at least one type of modern portable electronic device. There were also a few years where we had a gameboy (the original one that's comparable in size to a VHS cassette)...can't remember what happened to that thing, or where it came from, for that matter. (My parents were not video game fans, and regularly express regrets to this day about making concessions regarding computer games.)

Then there's the occasional backpacking trip which resembles your old-school experience, minus the cooler. Personally, I've never seen the point of experimenting with how long you can live with ~30 pounds of equipment and food, but then, I didn't inherit any of the athletic genes that magically turn "danger" and "mind numbingly boring physical labor" into "fun."

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It's interesting how each region has it's own slightly different terms for the types of camping. "Car camping" as I know it is when you sleep in your car. So you might drive into the forest or to a campground and sleep in your car instead of a tent. The type of camping where you drive somewhere and set up a tent is just "camping". Seems like backpacking is pretty much the same though :D

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