Naming Conventions


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The computers on our home network (well, the ones that are currently turned on) are called Cherry, Luigi, Boris and Esmerelda...

And don't you have any effective heating at work?

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The office is fine, this is a workshop where we do testing that isn't heated.

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We had a workshop like that, but got fed up with all the temperature changes - which also played a certain amount of havoc with the machinery. So we went mad one day, and completely wrapped the entire thing in that bubble insulation with a high U value. It looks really weird, but it's much better to work in. Cut the heating bill considerably, too, because it's now heated with the rest of the building's boiler. I reckon it will pay for itself in a couple of years tops.

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The most epic thing in that respect was for me to learn that the servers at my old school were named as follows:
Babelfish (the DNS-server, no less)
and Zaphod 1 & 2 (you see the joke there? It was a minicluster for VMs, btw.)

That was a fun visit to the server room.

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carl, herschel and the midnight wanderer sound like "The walking dead" references.

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My money's on The Midnight Wanderer.

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This is my 2nd day on the site and finished all 562 comics! I love it!


I name my network devices after Forgotten Realms cities. Computers are Drow.

Now I know what I'm doing wrong. (I'm trying to get a job with a big company.)

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So, where did you come up with the names jams? I want to know.

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My desktop is Archimedes the II, laptops are Fawkes, and my phone is Tobias, all named after awesome birds from books I've read. Luckily I haven't had to use pokemon yet.

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Tobias, as in the red-tailed hawk? +1 internet to you sir.

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Seconded. One of my favorite series as well.

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The Owengineer

Aww, lucky! I'm in a mid-sized company, so I don't get fun names OR efficient numbers. We have to be "official" and use the cryptic model number instead. I DEFY YOU, MIDNIGHT WANDERER!

Andrew Kunz

In college, the meteorology department named their mainframe servers after historically significant meteorologists, "Lorenz", "Fujita", "Rossby", etc. Most of these guys you probably never heard of.

These days, I name my computer's hard drives and flash drives after micronations and other psuedonations.

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Reminds me of some of my teachers at my previous high school. They named their projectors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. No idea why though.

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At work, there's a whole bunch of disjointed naming schemes for servers...and despite several attempts to standardize on something a lot less fun (which are more akin to serial numbers), there are still holdouts. I mean, who wants to talk about RCTM2012001 when you could talk about "Apollo"? (for example)

At home, I have had two distinct naming schemes for my computers. One was "odd" kitchen appliances - like "waffleiron" and "toasteroven". I have since moved to accept my inner child and blend my love of trains and computers and have started naming my devices after "The Railway Series" (more contemporarily known as "Thomas the Tank Engine").

It's all good fun.


Isn't it "Thomas the Train Engine"? I admit the appropriate segment of my childhood memories are rather vague, but I don't recall any tanks being involved in the series, either of the pressure/containment vessel or military varieties.

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Oh, it's most assuredly "Thomas the Tank Engine" ( or even more recently as "Thomas and Friends" ( I believe that the "tank engine" comes from the fact that the majority of these guys are Steam Locomotives. (

And this is all based on "The Railway Series" (

I know far too much about this. :D

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My hard drives use more conventional names.
Media: TV shows mostly
Software: All my software and games
Movies: self explanatory
Anime: self explanatory

All of them are 2TB drive and Anime is FULL. I should go buy another and resume downloading... These drives are kept on a separate computer and shared on my network. The computer name is DATA.

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I love naming inanimate objects!
My boyfriend and I both have Windows Phones which gives you the option to name them. They're names are Periwinkle and PeriTwinkle.

We also have a BBQ named "Barbara Que", A fire pit named "Brad", a faucet named "Farrah", a rug named "Shaggy", and well.. I could go on all day really. :-/

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I worked on an archaeological dig where all the technology was named after Slavic mythology and kings. The network was named Radegast and the laptop I worked on was called Mojmir.

Archaeologists have an odd sense of humour.

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