I suck at WOW: part 1


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Found you through my ME fiance who found you through QC. He recommended this to me because he said your art and comicking style was eerily close to mine, and now I'm going through the archives!

Anywho, my fiance and I have the same situation in WoW, where he's always soooo many levels ahead of me that when we go to his areas, I aggro every monster within a million-billion-mile radius and he, well, doesn't.

I die a lot, too. T_T.

And quitting WoW does make you a bad person (unless you have a really, really good explanation).


I'm perpetually behind my fiancée, who then complains that I don't catch up, and then doesn't help me with the darn group quests, favoring instead to level up her alts.

I've spent probably eight hours trying to get her to help me kill Durn the Hungerer (I'm sure by now you've gotten to him) in Nagrand. Massive /sigh
1.5 levels to go, then the waiting game for WOTLK :P

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I go the slow way to getting to 70 it annoys the hell out of people but I make several hundred gold by making bets that they can't achieve because they are rushing leveling like say hitting exalted with three alliance capital cities before 30. I leveled my warrior the stupid way from 60-70 did every quest available in hellfire 60-63 then went to zanga did every quest I could there 63-65.5 then to terrokar 65.5-69 nagrand 69-70 long tedious boring never doing it again.

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im pretty sure quitting wow makes you a bad person

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I'm in Japan now so I'm not playing WoW, and it makes me ever so sad D:
Aggro is... not cool XD During the recent summer festival event with the fires, I ran through a lot of high level territory before I was level 20, and it SUCKED. I was running around naked a lot to save my gear XD BUT I GOT A LOT OF FLOWER THINGS, and FPs, and it was totally worth it owo

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My brother and father both play wow... though, I've been playing since day one and they both jumped on the bandwagon about a year ago, they STILL maneged to beat me to 70... and now, we made alts together, and they (having so much more free time, being in college and being a doctor (??)) are constantly ten levels higher.
I admit it, I gave up trying to play with them...

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teh kid from mtl

i gots a good reason: no cash + no time remaining = no WoW for me... btw im a lvl 48 dwarf pally and my level 75 friend never HELPS ME EVEN THO HE SAID HE WOULD... he gets ganked more often than me tho so its worth it...... RET IS TEH PWN i beat up a 52 tauren druid who tried to gank me while i was fighting a 52 monster :D

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I remember those days, one of my first characters was a nelf druid I never got above level 36 on Silverhand, it wasn't till half way through burning crusade I rolled a belf pally on my boyfriends server and get above that mark of 36. Then he transfered and I eventually got to 62...and then rerolled a priest got him to 80 and rolled a human pally and got him to 80...I am often amazed at my progress in leveling capabilities.

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Robin Goodfellow

.... I'm not a bad person.
.... God damn, I miss WoW.

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