I am somewhat prone to hyperbole


MelSkunk's picture

I like the chocolate peppermint soymilk even better for the holidays, assuming I can find it this year :)

buchno's picture

It is not exciting; it is eggciting! :]
And yes, I would actually like to try soymilk eggnog, as I cannot have enough of their milky counterparts. It is probably a hopeless question, but does anybody know if it even exists as of yet in Sweden?

Fuseblower's picture

I think Jam *really* likes her new coat!

programmerman1's picture

I love the little crazed squirrel or whatever in the trees, too.

Taolan8472's picture

Yanno, I've never been a fan of eggnog. I blame it on my father, who probably ruined the drink for me by encouraging me to take a sip of his So-Co eggnog, complete with a shot or two of So-Co in it, as a child. I've always disliked the smell, taste, feel, etc of alcohol... So that probably didn't help things.

Who thinks I should try again, as a 20-something adult?

Jam's picture

Try again, but start with light Egg Nog and cut it half with milk.

zem's picture

But eggnog is yucky! >_<

Ketchuo's picture

I've never tried egg nog once, I'm going to try to break that this Christmas

Nira's picture

I tend to shy away from dairy because I'm lactose intolerant. If I can find said soy-egg-nog, I might try it. The soy part will keep my husband out of it, at least!

My favorite part of this comic is Jam's face in the last panel. =D

Syd's picture

Angela! The world needs a festive soybean wallpaper! So cute! :3

thing's picture

I don't see any hyperbole here! Every year I get just as excited about Soynog Season. I've already finished my first quart <3


I hope you'll all understand that I registered just to make this comment...


punkrockpanda's picture

The Chocolate Peppermint is way better than Silk's eggnog. I found the eggnog to be kind of slimy in texture with an odd aftertaste. But if you can find So Delicious brand's coconut milk based eggnog, THAT is yummers! Definitely coconutty, but delicious with a little nutmeg and rum!

CrazyAlmostCanuk's picture

For those not in the know, a soymilk version of eggnog isn't difficult to make yourself.
6 oz soy milk, 1 well beaten egg, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp vanilla extract. Blend well.

This makes 1 tall glass. If you wish to truly nog it, add bourbon or rum to taste, I usually find a half-shot per tall glass tastes right. Might curdle soymilk, though. You can also, if you can find it, replace 2 oz of the soy milk with soy cream, to get it "fluffier" when you blend it.

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