Home is Where the Plague is


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nice one

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Platelets are popular, too, but having a sick person hang around the donation center may draw comments.  


I like how your art is evolving, JAM.  Thanks for keeping at it.  

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Ah yes, I once gave blood at every opportunity, with about a 50% success rate. For some reason it became harder to find my blood vessels, and when they finally did it would clot or something. After a long time of failing at every opportunity, I decided that the time spent waiting, and having them stab me in the arm and twist and turn the needle looking for a vein before being sent away wasn't worth  the florescent bandage.

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My brother always says the best part of giving blood is watching the football players sweat bullets.  We got allergy shots as kids so needles have NEVER bothered us.

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Just recovering from flu, my city filled with people coughing everywhere


is it all right to put a diseased person in a room with other people?


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Well I'm with Jam over this one. A few years back I spent 10 days in downtown Vancouver, and I think that it's one of the best cities I've ever stayed in - and I've managed quite a few around the civilised world.

And anyway, wouldn't you be more likely to catch bugs in the Skytrain, shut in there with all those snufflers?

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Oh man, I'm moving to Vancouver in a year or so from Michigan. Hopefully it isn't germ ridden because I have the worst immune system EVER. =D 

I also always try to give blood, but apprently mine isn't good enough. (I'm chronically anemic but can't take iron supplements because they make me super sick.) They tell me my blood would just take up space in the person rather than so anything useful.

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There have been 1 whole time that I truly tried to donate blood in the US.

Questioneer asks "Were you in europe for 6 months in all in the last 3 years?" Well, yeah, I was born there, lived there for half my life... "Oh sorry, we can't have you donate due to possibility of disease."

Read under disease mad cow... Uh-huh, I'd be diagnosed or dead by now.

Oh well, no blood for them.

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Serbian Goth

Bloooooood >8D

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General Specific

Everytime I've gone to give blood, I'd wind up nearly passing out.  I warn them ahead of time and everything, so I've basically stopped going.  Kinda bad to say that, but it's true.

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I just contracted some terrible bug too >_<

Gotta say public transportation doesn't seem like the most fun thing in the world, or the best for one's health XD

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In his mind, I think he's saying "Exhibit A"

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BTW, I gave blood this year...I think I did the Plasma-portion of blood giving as well

I think my favorite part was the amount of snack packs I grabbed on my way out (with the shirt, of course)

The cookies, chram crackers, oreos, and whatever else I had was extremely worth the sucking-pain I endured during the donation process....Spanish class was enjoyable that day X)

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