What do you use to colour? I usually use alcohol based markers, a combination of Prismas and Copics, with a few other types thrown in. I'll use whatever works, I don't really have a preference.

Sometimes I use watercolour, I have a tiny Sakura watercolour kit that I use when I'm travelling.  Occasionally I'll mix media, lately I've been experimenting with gouache and DerWent "InkTense" ink pencils.


Who made this website? What CMS/system does it use? My husband designed and maintains this site. It was programmed in Drupal.


Why haven't you updated!?11 I do my best to update the comic weekly, the day of the week tends to fluctuate. That being said, I am an engineer first, and a comicker second. Sometimes there are just things that come up that I have to deal with, and I can't draw the comic. Please be patient. If I wasn't out living my life, I wouldn't have anything to write about :) I'll usually post on the blog if there are extenuating circumstances.


Why are the early comics so awful! My eyes!!! I drew those comics in straight pen on looseleaf paper. At the time, I *could* draw, but I didn't have the time or energy to put any more effort into it than what you see on the page. The old strips are still worth reading, but you don't really *neeed* to read them because this comic has no plot.


Why did you "grow" a nose? The early caricature of myself didn't have a nose, mostly out of laziness. I actually did draw a nose on some of the earrrrrliest strips, but I dropped it. Lazy. When I started the colour strips, I realized that I actually do have a nose, a rather large nose. And the way my style had evolved, it looked weird to not have it there. I started drawing it for these reasons, but also because I was five years older than when I had started, and I thought the nose "aged" me well.

I hate it! Tough noogins.


What is the origin of "Jam", or "Fish" or "Doot" or... All of these things that have snuck into my vernacular have a particular origin, but they are all long and boring stories. The "Jam" nickname comes, indirectly, from an Eddie Izzard act, it is also used as a term of endearment. "Fish" comes from the fact that I think fishes are cute. I'm not sure where doot came from.


Will you trade links with my site? No, sorry :(


Should I go into engineering? Short answer: yes. Longer answer: maaaayyybe? Engineering is a fantastic career path, a degree in engineering can take you almost anywhere. That being said, engineering is not for everyone, and there are lots of different types of engineering!


Where else can I e-stalk you? Will you be my facebook friend? No. Nothing personal! I actually do use facebook to coordinate my social life and such. Weird! But, I made a facebook page that you can add to your profile [here!] There are lots of other places you can find me, too!


Are there keyboard shortcuts for the website? YES!

  • left = previous comic
  • right = next comic
  • c = goto comment form
  • r = random comic
  • h = goto homepage
  • a = goto archive


You can always leave a comment on a comic, or send me an email.

You can follow me on twitter! Or maybe Google Plus if that is a thing that you do. I tend to float around the internet in other circles, too, but I'm pretty busy and inconsistent...

Finally, I am always available by email :) Thanks!