Fuseblower's picture

We had one of these situations a while back. Took me a fortnight to sort it out...

aj2x's picture

Haha! My first job out of college was in a former factory building where propellors for WWI biplanes had been made. Most of the bathrooms had been upgraded in the '40s, I think. Not sure if there were any women's restrooms on our floor.

kaitou's picture

I'd suggest one or more of: pressure washer, steam cleaner, sand blaster, flame thrower or, in the case of "nope", maybe a small nuclear device.

At least, until someone invents a plasma gun...

thisfox's picture

Yep. Burn it to the ground.

yooper's picture

Time for a short term contract with a professional cleaning outfit. Good ones are not fazed by about anything.
I have seen what a local operator of a franchise did and was impressed.
They usually have the equipment and enough workers to do the job quickly.

wdonohue's picture

If it's all ceramic and metal, a low-temperature plasma cleaning would vaporize all that gack. You'd need an awfully big electrode, though…

zwordsman's picture

This is very a....
Work at home, come to work only for specific things then leave again.. situation.
Granted that doesn't work so well with your job type.. so..
take vacation days! if doable.

otherwise.. professional cleaners MORE than worth the cost

bernd's picture

While in college I worked at a show cave and the bathrooms were in very bad shape. In the mens room, the effluent for the urinal just terminated under the building and didn't go anywhere, and in the ladies room.. well, let's not talk about the ladies room. I do remember the few times the bathrooms were thoroughly cleaned, one section of the cave smelled like Pine-Sol.

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