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Dave Rensing

Note to Self: Next orthodontist appointment, ask for copy of x-rays. (They have the one that spins around your head, and one that goes back and forth along your jaw)


I got one from my dental surgeon, to prove that I had (past tense!) five wisdom teeth. My optometrist was cool about giving me my retinal photos too. Does anyone know if there is any legal obligation for doctors to furnish data upon request? I know you can get copies of your written records for a fee...

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Any 3d scans will come out as most likely a proprietary image format or a folder of a few thousand .tiff image files.

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Depends. If you do a photogrammetry scan you can get .STL files with most software, that's open format but there's no color data in an STL. There's no good open standard that is widely adopted that gives 3d model data AND color/texture data. Collada (.dae) is the only one I can think of but it's pretty deprecated/wonky with textures. If you are doing a scan with something that uses a laser scanner (like David or MakerWare's scanner and the clones) the laser image takes the 3d model, and the cameras do the texture mapping as (sadly) proprietary data sets. You COULD import it into Blender at that point, and that's mostly open (but still only useful to blender, but you could EXPORT to your other favorite closed format). Or bring the file into MeshMaker (same dif)

So, challenge: Make a mechanism to capture, a file format to store, and software to manipulate a true-color 3D point-cloud data set! Build to include motion data. And keep it open.

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Still love the strip.

Just posting to note that most of those proprietary formats have a free viewer, in case another doctor's office doesn't have the same machine and software. It will probably only work on Windows.

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I once got my optometrist to give me scans of the insides of my eyeballs. They were pretty cool.

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I have a print of an MRI of my head, but I have never scanned and assembled it. Lots and lots and lots of slices.

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TONS of slices.

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Almost all diagnostic digital medical images follow the DICOM standard, ask for your study in DICOM format and you'll be able to see it with any free DICOM viewer available in Internet, if you get the DICOM SR info with your study, you will have additional info (measurements, comments, any data that is not an image). Actual version is DICOM 3, it works pretty well since 1993.

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