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I know JUST how you feel. And domestic it may be, but oh does everyone like the results!

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My co-worker just said "I'm craving turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes. It really must be fall again."

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When did "domestic" become a negative word?
Just do whatever makes sense to you, the important part is not caring what other people think, not doing the opposite of what they expect.
Also, it's because of panels like this that I love WT!

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I guess it's not, whenever I do things that I perceive as domestic or housewifey I feel boring, is all.

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I doubt fall would be quite the same without Grandma's pumpkin pie, Dad's cookies, or Uncle's jams. Food is most certainly not boring. Why else do you think business people 'do lunch,' on dates you go 'to dinner,' and many reminisce about someone's cooking? Years from now you might not remember what you spoke about, what games you played, or what was on TV, but someone will probably ask about those cookies. They look delicious!

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Domestic isn't boring. Having no desire to do anything because everything you can think of feels like a chore, now that's what's boring.

I know some people who go out to the bar and get drunk every weekend (These girls are arts students, but I also know some engineering students who go to all the keggers) And I think THEIR lives are boring. Forcing themselves to stay up late every weekend in a dimly lit place that's just like what they did last weekend, then waking up with a hangover the next afternoon. It mildly annoys me how society expects you to want to go out and party, when I could spend my time and money doing other things - taking a dance class, sleeping, going for a bike ride, spending time with people in more relaxed settings...


For one fall baking craze, I threw a fall pumpkin party to get rid of the excess pastry buildup (complete with Pumpkin Scissors plastered all over the directions for guests).

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Listening to Chester Bennington screaming at the top of his lungs for the song "Blackout" is surprisingly quite fitting audio for the last panel. Gogo Psycho Jam, Berserker Chef!

These are the strange combinations that result from my constant need to listen to music while I'm browsing.

Just don't bombard me with thrown scones for my taste in music. :P

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Oh good, so its not just me.

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Is this what lead to the epic #failcookies incident?

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Actually the opposite. I'm working on developing #failcookies for when I want cookies and don't have enough butter/eggs. But working on them made me want to make proper cookies. So I bought a ton of butter and eggs, the end.

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Kati W

This is my mom! Like, exactly. She's already baked three cakes.

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I'd say poor Trevor but I'm sure he enjoys having the baked goods just as much as you haha.

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No, domestic is when you do it for the household.

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