tancque's picture

Good Luck and thanks for bringing a smile every week!

McTwitch's picture

Thank you so much for all the years of great work! Can't wait to see where you go from here!

Fuseblower's picture

Bon voyage!

1nutty1's picture

Signed up so I could wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Gonna miss the comic :(...

Elyandarin's picture

Thanks for all these years of comics!
It's been both awesome and educational to have your inside view of what it's like to be an engineer :)
I wish you best of luck with your life from here on!

elgefe's picture

I haven't posted in over 5 years, but I had to be here to say Thank you! Thank you for so many amazing years of comics. I really hope we'll see more of your creative projects in the future. This comic was what finally motivated me to graduate so many year ago. I'm sad to see you go, but glad that it's ending on your terms. Best wishes, Jam, the future is looking good.

NotDido's picture

Made this account today to comment, but I've been reading since I was in middle school. I especially loved all your college stories and this year I'm a freshman at college reading your Real World career stories. (It'd be great to say I'm also a woman in engineering or something, but I'm in linguistics. You're still a great inspiration :D) Thank you so much for sharing with us for all these years.

TPMF's picture

Thank you so much for all the work and heart you put into this comic. I just graduated from college with an engineering degree and your comic has been an amazing source of comfort, humor, and reassurance since I found it years ago.
Thank you again, and I wish you all the best and success in your life!

Umegaki's picture

Jaaaaaam ;____; You're making me cry over here, lady. I'm gonna miss my weekly dose of Jammy life!

Thank you so much for sharing this comic with us for so long. Best of luck to you!

ouka's picture

Thank you for the years of effort and heart you put into this comic. You touched a lot of people over the years. I wish you good luck but you don't need it - you have the drive, compassion, and ability to succeed without the capriciousness of luck. Use the luck to avoid a few future broken bones, use your raw talent to succeed in whatever you do next =P

LogicMouse's picture

Thank you for all your funny, touching, engineer-y comic goodness, Jam. I've loved every page. And I'm so excited to see what you do next!

dd's picture

Sad and hopeful - good luck!

Pierre Lebeaupin's picture
Pierre Lebeaupin

Thank you for everything Jam; I have already written a blurb about what Wasted talent means to me, so…

Let's give Monday comics suggestions to fill the void for the Mondays to come!

Awkward Zombie: Katie Tiedrich is another lady mech engineer (works in the rocket industry) who draws a webcomic, though it has way less autobio and way more vidjagames than Wasted Talent.

Harpy Gee: I mean, how can you not fall in love with that art?

Oglaf: I won't link to it because it's really really really not safe for work, but you know how to find it…

Hynra's picture

Jam, thank you so much! I started reading WT back in high school and have followed along as I pursued (and completed!) a chemistry degree. It was always super encouraging to see your stories as I lived through my own as a woman in STEM. I'll miss you and your Vancouver loads, and I wish you luck in the future.

jesusita_1995's picture

Thanks for all of the years of awesome comics, Jam! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. :)

AtlasLeaf's picture

Thanks for the Comics, You brightened many of my days and inspired me to start writing again. It was a very encouraging to see your comic unfold. I wish you the Best in your new Adventures! I know you will continue to do great things.

Jonathan Marinaro

See you space cowboy...

Xelmon's picture

And there it is... Whelp, words escape me. I am happy to have found this comic many years ago, it has brought me many smiles and relief while toiling with my studies.

From a fellow mech eng...
I wish you a pleasant journey on your way to space,
and a Grand view once you arrive! =)

farbas's picture

While it is sad to see one of my online delights - that I've come back time and again - to stop, I can understand the reasons. I made an account to thank you, Jam for all the hard work you put into WT, and to wish you all the best with whatever you'll decide to focus on the future.
Just a question: will the site and the achives remain online for the forseeable future?

Jam's picture

I will maintain the site as long as I am able :)

olorwen's picture

Good luck! Thanks for being weekly inspiration to this budding lady(ish) engineer. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Poireau's picture

Best luck for the futur from a felow long sword wielding engineer from France. Youre work has always been a great inspiration for me in hard times.
Hope to have the chance to meet you one day in Canada or France.

Zathura's picture

So many years of enjoyment, thank you for your time and stories. Best of luck to you as you blast past the moon at full power. To infinity and beyond :)

ukwicca's picture

so i clicked a thing and there you were , a quick read about you then the long archive dive. thank you for sharing your life with us , i'd also like to thank the patreons and the caring commenters.
i feel for your feline deprivation, if you have the time, maybe you could volunteer at a shelter [ not going to mention getting trevor a fursuit : ) ]
what do you think about manned Mars missions ?
[ as they will be very different from Apollo i'd like to see the first one take and return 60 +/- n people
sourcing most of the materials from the Moon]

DatNorBoy's picture

Oh maaan, I had lost the comic's name in like 2013/2014 and I didn't find it again until today and I got so excited and then it has ended. It was a fun read! I'll go catch up and reread everything now lol- I always loved your art style and tried imitating it in my own drawings. Good luck in the future!!
I think the last comic I remember was about smart phones and one of you using their nose to swipe social media?

sleadley's picture

Your strip has changed the world at least a little. I've enjoyed it. I've shared it with other people who've enjoyed your PoV (I keep the post-wedding comic about planning weddings bookmarked to share with brides). Your books enlightened a niece who felt torn between being an artist OR an engineer. Maintaining the strip had become a burden that was holding you down, so lay it down. We wish you the best opportunity to make a different difference that luck and skill can provide.

wishingoodness's picture

Best of luck from a fellow engineer, wherever life takes you! Enjoyed your comics :)

Sjb's picture

So long, and thanks for all the fish

And, Merry Christmas!

ajsboarder's picture

It's been more than a month and I still find myself checking for updates :(

zapple's picture

See you cowgirl, someday somewhere.....

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