#579 - Bronze Lining

Bronze Lining
Aug 13, 2012

It's tough being a Canadian during the summer Olympics! Our athletes work SO hard, but it's a big wide world and it's tough to compete when you come from a country where it's winter 75% of the year. This is the article that was making the rounds last week. It's a common theme among all the news outlets - trying to justify our performance and asking why we haven't brought home "enough" gold and I frankly find it very tiresome. 

I love watching the Olympics because I find it very inspiring. These athletes devote years of their life and channel all of their effort into shaving miliseconds off their time, or in performing ever more grand feats of strength and agility. Getting Gold is awesome, but it wouldn't be awesome if it wasn't hard to achieve, and the world puts out some serious competition. It doesn't lessen the effort that the Canadian team gave, and I'm proud of them - as I am for all the other athletes. Yay Olympics!