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Wasted Talent is Ending

It's true, after over a decade of regular updates, I'm bringing Wasted Talent to its conclusion. I've put a lot of work into making the ending of this comic as good as it can be, and we'll see that rolling out in bi-weekly updates leading up to the final update on Dec 5th.


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Hey everyone,

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Return of the Jam

And as my arm is finally unwrapped from its cast, so shall I wrap up this broken arm storyline :) Thanks everyone for your patience and support, but thanks especially to all the rad people who stepped up so you didn't have to go a single week without a funny picture to look at!

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Comic Chameleon - Finally - Wasted Talent on your Iphone

 Great news, everyone! Soon you'll be able to read Wasted Talent comics on your Iphone with a specially-designed app! Wasted Talent is excited to be part of Comic Chameleon, a new app that will help you read Wasted Talent and lots of other great webcomics. 

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Wasted Analysis



Sketch Request Frequency and Transit Time Analysis for the Special Editions of Wasted Talent: Welcome to the Real World




Let's have fun with this data I've got lying around!


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Trevor, JJ and Election Fever!


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Weekly Link Roundup!

Trying something new this week, a roundup of links that I found interesting as a technical person/engineer.

Make Magazine's posted this cool tip: repurpose a simple bull clip to act as a holder for a Coin Cell battery!

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I'm back from Thailand! Thanks once again to all the amazing people who helped keep you company while I was off taking a much-needed break from my life. I hope you enjoyed the comics and blogs, got a few chuckles and maybe even found a new feed or two for your reader :D

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Welcome to the GUESTRAVAGANZA!

Welcome to the GUESTRAVAGANZA!!!

Trevor and I are finally headed on our honeymoon adventure, but rather than leave a Wasted-Talent shaped hole in your browsers and hearts for the month+ that I am gone, I'm delighted to be able to showcase some amazing local and reader talent.

Here are some reasons you should be excited about guest month

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I've had a crazy year. I finished the book: printed and launched. I planned and executed a wedding mostly on my own. Meanwhile my apartment had a flood and underwent a major reno. I didn't have water for several weeks. Through all of this, I didn't ask for any help.

But I seriously... seriously need a break.

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Trevor has been hard at work for the last few weeks and we're excited to be able to share his new project with you all today. It's called WEBCOMICTWEETS and it's a social media aggregator for the webcomics-o-sphere!

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Top Five Ways our Wedding was Epic

Hey everyone! I feel I need to say something briefly about this before I move on, so here we go - I got married! It was pretty awesome. I have been working on that day for a year and a half. I could write a whole book about the process and the day, but for now I'll just give you the TOP FIVE ways that our wedding day was epic.

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Mini-Hiatus for everything BUT the comic during June...

Hey everyone, just a quick heads up on a few things:

I'm going kind of crazy lately. It's nothing serious, but finishing the wedding planning, undertaking a major home renovation and trying to finish the book all at the same time is leaving me wanting extra headspace.

So I'm declaring a hiatus -- from everything that's not essential. The comic will still go up weekly (yay) BUT you will notice:

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