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Books and Cons oh MY

HEY EVERYONE did you hear that I'm still alive somehow!? I have a new book! You can get it!

I'm customizing orders RIGHT NOW, every waking moment when I'm not attending thousands of conventions or working that full time job thing that I do. I was already at Emerald and FanExpo before I even had time to think about making this blog.  Next you will find me at:

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Emerald City Comiccon and more 2013 Conventions


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Webcomics Rampage - Austin TX

Exciting news, Texans! For the first time EVER I'm invading your gigantic state for some partytimes :)

I'm really excited to be a part of this and I hope you'll stop by to say hi :D More info here:

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ComfyCon 2012 is happening!


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Writing Comics and other 2012 Events!

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great holiday! A new calendar year means getting 2011 things sorted and gearing up for 2012 events, and I'm excited to announce the first few of them!

First I'm doing a free lecture on Writing for Comics at the Vancouver Public Library! You should come it will be awesome.

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TCAF success!


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TORONTO Represent!

Hey Toronto & GTA/Ontario/East Coast Canada! I'm tremendously excited to announce that I will be boarding a plane later this week to visit you!

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Did you know that I'm going to be at Stumptown this weekend? Perhaps you did not! Above this very text is a handy map which illustrates where you might find me at such a show.

If you are in Portland, Oregon (or within striking distance of that city), you should come see me! I'll be at table C-6 all by myself and if you don't come visit I might be terribly lonely :( :( 

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Emerald City 2011 Con Report

You can also check out Joel's con report (part 1) (part 2) for a same-same but different perspective since we shared a table :D

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See You At Emerald City

That's right, I'm heading South March 4-6th for one of the three shows I'm doing this year: Emerald City Comiccon!. I'll have books, and prints and buttons and smiles and you should definitely stop by to say hi!

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Conventions 2011

Hey everyone, I'm finally able to tell you a bit more about my convention schedule for 2011!


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Stumptown 2010 Con Report!

This is my convention report for Stumptown 2010!! Hopefully the video thing will be easier in the future, I had to re-teach myself a bunch of stuff today, heh. AT LEAST It’S DONE. I think I missed one or two “fun”s.

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The Fourth and Best Ever Anthology by the Cloudscape Comics Collective is finally here!

Exploded View is a 200+ page collection of Science Fiction comics and there are some really stellar stories in here. Twenty Five artists from British Columbia including Camilla D'Errico, John Christmas, Jordyn Bochon, Coleen MacIsaac, Jonathon Dalton, Jeff Ellis and Yours Truly!

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