WT may be late...

Jan 22, 2009


So I'm in a bit of a bind... Between the burst of wedding stuff I had to do, the holidays being busier than anticipated, and a cold I'm just now conquering, I fell behind on a few things.

OK, maybe lots of things. I've dug myself out of some holes, but this week I'm faced with a depressing realization.

I have to get my submission for the next Cloudscape book done (at least inked, and it's to be full colour), by MONDAY or I will not be able to achieve many of my comicking goals. It's a cascade failure type situation. There are contingencies built into my plan, of course but-- I'm getting offtopic.

The point is, I have a WT comic in mind, but the only chance I'll have to draw it is the time when I'm waiting for crits on my Cloudscape piece. That's not much time!!! But one of my goals is to get faster at comicking, so I'm gonna try.

It will be a race! So if you see a new comic, I won the race. If you don't, I apologize...

Actually, now that I think about it, I have a comic that was going into another anthology, but it folded... I'll post that on this blog when I get home :)

HERE IT IS It is called "the Trap": Page 1 Page 2 Page 3!! ENJOY

PS the new Cloudscape book has a name now: "Funday Sunnies!" It's much shorter than Historyonics, but it's larger, and FULL COLOUR! Expect it in April, with or without me :D