[webcomic] - What would WT be in drink form...?

Jul 18, 2006

I need a 'drink' of Wasted Talent... because I feel so unfairly excluded from this site. Yeah, I'm horribly unpopular, but DAMMIT a webcomic drink index just fits me SO DAMN WELL!! Basically they name drinks after webcomics. hm! They have a pretty long list, here are some I knew:

Applegeeks (Basically, Vodka, applejuice and sour-puss)
Better Days(Champagne and honey with a cherry (err ok...))
Chugworth Academy(Rasberry vodka and OJ)
College Roomies from Hell(has a ton! )
Count your Sheep(A CYS drink seems... so wrong! Like punching a kitten! Which is right because it's non-alcoholic mix of hawaiian punch, kool-aid and sherbert :) )
Dr McNinja(Sake in guiness LOL)
Kawaii Not(Lime/sweet liqueur)
The Penny Arcade(The 'Fruit Fucker' is a bunch of fruity liqueurs with grenadine XD)
Perry Bible Fellowship(SoCo, sweet n' sour and triple sec. Sounds gross)
Questionable Content(Vodka, Gin, 7-up and lemon)
VG Cats(Gin and Zinfandel)
White ninja(Vodka, Irish creme and creme de cacao)

LOL! Anyway, so what would the embodiment of WT be when translated to alcohol? 0_o I would think it would be friggin' easy to make, random, silly...?

I think I would want to submit one called 'Milk n' Bleach' which would be skim milk and vodka :) MMMM!

I think I'll Xpost this to my blog, for all the good it'll do XD