[webcomic] - Jack (June 5, 2006)

Jun 4, 2006

Finally! A happy ending in a Jack story! :D [strike]At least so far...[/strike] I was really really concerned about what would happen in this Joanne and Jeremy arc, but I couldn't be more pleased :)

If you haven't read Jack, and you like the darkness, I strongly recommend it. It's one of those stories that I just fell across while link-hopping one day, and I gotta say it has thoroughly impressed me. The story is not for the weak of stomach, it deals with the darkest of themes and their consequences: our fate in the afterlife. It has a very rich backstory that is still developing. Don't let the furry-ness throw you (although there also seems to be a backstory for that!), the writing is very real and very human.

The story 'follows' Jack (in quotes because Jack is more of a theme than the central character) who is the spiritual embodiment of Wrath, and is acting begrudgingly as a grim reaper. The art is simple and succinct, but David Hopkin's true artistic strength lies in his ability to capture subtle and powerful emotion in ink. It's really the perfect complement to his wonderful writing.

So if you like the macabre, superb character development and human drama, give Jack a looksee :)

[spoiler]Congrats Jeremy and Joann on welcoming your new twins![/spoiler]