Wasted Talent is Ending

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It's true, after over a decade of regular updates, I'm bringing Wasted Talent to its conclusion. I've put a lot of work into making the ending of this comic as good as it can be, and we'll see that rolling out in bi-weekly updates leading up to the final update on Dec 5th.


Meanwhile, I'm running a Kickstarter for the final two collected print editions. I'll only be printing as many as I need to fulfill the Kickstarter, so if you're interested in that DON'T WAIT!


I've been hearing your messages all day about how you'll miss Wasted Talent and they've been really touching and sweet, thank you! Of COURSE I'm going to miss the comic too, and honestly the wonderful community we've built together here is what kept me going for so very long. Rest assured that if you want, there will be a way to keep my creative pursuits in your lives going forward, and I honestly believe that my comics from here on out are only going to get better and better.


Happy Tuesday!


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Farewell Jam. I've been reading for years, and I've enjoyed your work immensely. Thank you.

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Thank you for the wonderful comic and thanks for visiting Connecticut for Connecticon that one time a few years back! I remember meeting you at your booth and thought it was cool to see an artist from Vancouver. I dated someone long distance from there and spent a fair amount of time in that great city, so I was thrilled to actually get all your references and such. Good luck in the engineering career as well and thanks again for sharing your wasted talent!

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Thank you for all the years you've shared your life with us <3
I've been reading since 2008. Wasted Talent was always a comfort to me - you are 9 years my senior, so I kinda always saw you as a role model.
That's all I'm gonna say because I'm starting to tear up a little... Good luck and be awesome and I hope you keep making art and telling stories! T_T

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So... how shall we follow your future artistic endeavors? I'm a long time follower, and gonna miss the comic. But really I'm more a fan of your art and cute characters.

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Lots of ways! I'll be sending big-news updates through this newsletter: http://tinyletter.com/jammyness
On a day-to-day basis, twitter is the best place to watch: twitter.com/angelamelick
There's also Patreon which is much more art-focused than twitter: patreon.com/jam

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Farewell to the author. We are gonna miss your amazing works.

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