TCAF success!

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I'm back from TCAF and I had an AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING time!! I was pretty stressed in the weeks leading up to the show because it is quite expensive to get to Toronto, but it turns out I didn't need to worry. I sold out of all my books!
Thank you so much for everyone who came by and said hi! You are the reason that the show was such a success and I can now entertain ideas of returning without immediately devolving into a stressed-out mess. 
One of the reasons I was so excited for this show was the potential to meet some new people. Most artists stick to a show-circuit that keeps pretty close to home, and for this reason there are artists that I've been following for a long time but unable to meet. TCAF does a phenominal job of bringing together the best talent from a wide area and I was PUMPED about the guest list. 
So yeah, on a social level I would say it was a resounding success! Of course when you're all trapped behind your tables, you're at the mercy of circumstance - sometimes you don't get a chance to talk to someone for as long as you'd like. With such a high concentration of awesomeness at TCAF, it was definitely a challenge! Still, I worked hard at it and I think I at least *ran into and/or met* everyone I wanted to see at this show. (.... no I missed one or two. Dangit!)  I also got the chance to hang out with people that I'd met before but rarely see. 
Shout outs to my buds: Jeph & Cristi, Sam & Shannon, Joel, Jeff & Sydney, Miriam & Mike, and Wei
Great to finally meet you: Faith, Jordyn, Dustin, Steve, Katie, Ross, Eric, Kean, Emily, Vera, Julia and Sarah (I'm including Stumptown intros here, it was only 2 weeks ago XD)
Thanks for putting this crazypants show together: Chris and all the organizers and volunteers!
...... I've forgotten people. I know I have. And lots of people came to introduce themselves that I will be investigating in the weeks that follow. It blows that I only have a few evenings a few times a year to see these amazing people ;_; but I still consider it such a priviledge whenever I have the opportunity. 
Also a BIG thanks to my Engineering-friend Kate who let me invade her life for the weekend with all my comics craziness >:D Together we RAWKED the "Hey Let's Have Fun in Toronto" portion of the trip.
Got to Honest Ed's, Kensington Market, The Art Gallery of Ontario, Ontario College of Art and Design, The Distillery District, U of T and Queen St. Went to the Beguiling and bought way too many a perfectly suitable amount of comics. Rode Subways, Street Cars and Buses all weekend. 
...... and now I might not get to go to another show for a long long time. :( I will miss everyone terribly, but I'm using the opportunity to hide in my art-cave and see if I can't dig up some awesomeness for everyone to enjoy. :) Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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