Sketchbook 2010 Now Available By Donation!

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Hi everyone! So those of you who have been around for awhile know that every year I put out a sketchbook collecting the drawings and extra comics from the past year. (I usually take these with me to conventions)

Well, I'm sure you have a sense of how this year went and I just coudln't pull it together in time. HOWEVER, in the spirit of "better late than never" I'm now happy to offer you e-Sketchbook 2010! This digital download is 37 pages long and it's formatted to be viewed full screen, so it's hopefully not a pain to read.

Because it's suuuuper late, and digital only, and there isn't a short story as in previous years, I feel guilty charging a lot for it, so...

Sketchbook 2010 is now available by donation!

I know it's been a tough year for a lot of you and I wanted to offer this as a thank you for reading my silly little comic, and also thank you for being so understanding and allowing me some time away. If you don't have anything to spare right now, you can download it without entering any payment information (paypal or credit). It did take me about two solid nights to put together (on top of all the drawing!) so if you'd like to support the site you can - the money would go towards some big goals I have for the site this year.

** If you are thinking of donating something, a donation of $10 gets you access to the sponsor zone. The sketchbook is already there, and you'll get to see all the bonus content I put there over the next year, too! Sponsors have access to an ad-free version of the site, and a fancy star in their avatar :) BUT REMEMBER TO BUY THE SPONSORSHIP - not the sketchbook!! You won't automatically get access for donating that much for the sketchbook! **

Some of the content in sketchbook 2010 is "never before seen" but I honestly cannot tell you how much because I don't remember what I posted where anymore.  I think to have seen most of the content in this sketchbook you had to have been paying very close attention!

Anyway, go get and enjoy sketchbook 2010 -- then 2011, HO!

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