Silly Bees Baffler!

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I'm a huge fan of Chris Yates' handmade baffler puzzles, so I was thrilled when he invited me to be a part of "Webcomics Baffler Fortnight 2" where he makes bafflers from many of your favourite webcomics. 

I sent him a design featuring everyone's favourite silly bees and look at the amazing puzzle he came up with! It's beautiful and I love it. It's truly one of a kind and this is going up for auction February 18th. If you'd like it, your best bet is to follow Chris Yates' twitter: @superyates

Thanks so much, Chris, and I'll let you guys know when the auction is up.


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I bought this puzzle game for my daughter just because such games are important to improve basic skills like hand-eye co-ordination,improves their creativity and leaves positive impact on children.


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