October Roundup!

Oct 27, 2019

Hey everyone, how are you enjoying the Best of Wasted Talent so far? I've been having a lot of fun posting it :)This month's comics were:

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This month On Patreon...

At the $1 level, I've been continuing to post pages from the upcoming Food Zine. Sneaky Peaky patrons ($2) got access to another pencilled page of Shenzhen Fast - this one focused on Injection Moulding. I also posted some fanart and environment sketches.

Behind the Scenes this month ($5), I posted about how I keep track of everything using a Content Calendar . I also made a big post about my my plans for making Patreon better than ever .


  • I'm super pleased to announce that ALL of the Wasted Talent books are now available on Comixology! Woo!

  • Tradewaiters Berlin Part 1, and NOW... also Part 2!

Thanks for reading :)