[news] - Tangle pt3

Sep 3, 2006

Oops! I went away and my update script lapsed! What awful timing! But I came back, and I fixed it. I also fixed page 59, no I didn't intend to make you all wait until 2008 to get it, it was just a typo. Shame it was broken, it's kind of a funny page :P

But yes, I filled out some more of the script so it should (read: SHOULD) keep on truckin' through to 2007 now! Wow! Wanna hear something sick? I'm actually still on that first batch of pages that I had ready before I even made the site! AHAHahahaha....

Well enjoy.

[edit] Oh, in other Tangle-related news, I did some work and scanned 3 of my old-ass books, the stuff that I drew back in grades 10 and 11.

The comic's plot is terrible, but it's where I originally built some of the current Tangle chars, and it's where I really worked on the art. It has its amusing moments. The archived books are at the bottom of this page (scroll to GSE). Enjoy.