[news] - "the S Word"

Jun 3, 2007

S is for Sporadic updates. Why, what did you think? At least it's not the H-word...

So yes. Why is this happening?? Does Jam haet everyone?? No! In fact, Trevor and I are going Al Mare usque ad Mare!, which means across Canada and back!

We leave tomorrow, if all goes well, and we're pretty excited! But what does this mean for WT, etc? Well. I have three more marker strips finished, which I will update eventually. I'm also travelling with a Tablet Laptop (oooh aaah) so should anything comical arise, I can document it and upload it thusly!

Should nothing comical happen, I still have yet to re-do my WT's from last term, the raws of which I am bringing with me.

So, WT will not grind to a halt, but I can't predict the speed at which it will progress.

Also, I realize that Tangle pt 3 has run dry, but I haven't had the time to fix it!! So I took the time today to scan and enter in a bunch of pages, and to make up for the delay it shall now release thrice weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At this pace it is slated to conclude in early August. What then?? Well I guess we'll see.

For those interested in the trip itself, we have a travel blog, which I will post up in a bit. Laters!