[news] - Anime Evolution 2006

Aug 18, 2006

This weekend is Anime Evolution, the only con I’ll be going to this year! It’s a growing local con, hosted at SFU and it runs Saturday- Sunday – Monday, but I’ll only be going Sat/Sun because us working folks… we gotsta work.

For most of the con-time I will be sharing a table with Dave from Snafu, so just look for him. I’m the dark-blonde in pigtails.

I’ll be bringing a ton of prints that I’ve been working on the last few months… 99% of the new stuff is chibi fanart, which I personally like, but there’s also some new original stuff printed. I focused mainly on MINI PRINTS, so these are small 4*6 prints on quality glossy paper that I’m selling for a mere $2! Plus I will sign it just for you~ I’m also bringing back some of the older merch that didn’t sell last year (mostly bookmarks, some Inu Yasha posters, some 8*11 prints), so if you saw something you liked but didn’t get a chance at one, now is your chance!

So if you’re going out there PLEASE drop by and say hi and say that you like Wasted Talent! Hope to see you there!