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Trevor has been hard at work for the last few weeks and we're excited to be able to share his new project with you all today. It's called WEBCOMICTWEETS and it's a social media aggregator for the webcomics-o-sphere!

Wh-What the heck is this thing!

Unless you're like me or Gary, your twitter account probably isn't packed with webcomickers. We figure that most of you follow one or two of your favourites.

Webcomictweets follows ALL of the webcomickers for you, so you can easily see them all in one place!

How is this different from, like... a twitter list?

At it's core, *is* a directory... (a twitter list), but where it gets fun is what we DO with all that data.

Better functionality -
On the main page you not only see all the webcomickers talking, but you can see everyone taking back to them! Mouse over the 'show conversation' button to see who or what people are talking about. Filter the conversation by genre or location. Want to add your voice? Easily reply or retweet from anywhere on the site.

Get the details -
Click on a user to drill down to their stream alone, and get a ton of more info: their stats, their top tweets and links, and a tab for each of the social media connected to them.

Get the bigger picture and never miss anything again
The News Feed has... everything! When you submit a user to the database, you can submit their other social media channels. Do they have a facebook fan page? Tumblr? Formspring? Ustream channel? Obviously the 'everything' tab is dominated by twitter, but filter out twitter and it's a pretty fun collection of everything going on!

In case you're not on twitter all day, you can quickly see what links and photos were tweeted, and the top retweets.

Subscribe to the RSS and get a weekly summary: top tweeters, top links, top pics, top tweets!

Stats! Glorious glorious stats.

Trevor is obsessed with stats and I think this is the part of the site where he really shines.  He has several ways that the users are ranked, a social media scorecard, timeline of when people joined twitter. As more people are added and the site matures, the stats page will get even more interesting!

Connect with Twitter to Log in and...
Ignore or follow users! Like content! Reply or Retweet!
Don't have twitter? Facebook connect is on its way :)

This list is... uh... it's missing a lot of people.

Do you see your favourite creator missing, or are you a missing creator? PLEASE - add to or update the database! (It's easy and fun!) This is intended to be a user-submitted database. We pre-pouplated it with some of the comickers that I, personally, follow for testing purposes, but obviously that is far from the complete picture. The data is inherrently skewed and we need more profiles to un-skewify it.

Augh this site would be so much better if _______...

Trevor would love to hear your feedback! Please use the feedback form on the side of the page. He built the site for the readers, so we want to hear what YOU want.

So that's that! We are dedicated to helping you waste your time effectively, so check it out and have fun :)

Thanks so much to our Patrons!

Thanks so much to our Patrons! [Apr 2020]

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