Happy Holidays from WT :)

Dec 24, 2009

Hey everyone! Wasted Talent will not be updating the week of the 28th and will return the week of January 4th. Just one week! Not a big deal :)

I know you're all out running around and enjoying your time off, and I will be too. But more than that, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to make some extra headway on the production of WT: Book 1. You can check on my ell-jay for updates on my progress with that, and also a sneak peak into my story for the latest Cloudscape book: Exploded View!

If you're just dyyying for something to read, here are some comic recommendations:
- DAR is posting its last-ever comic on Dec 26th. :'( An important comic in the "autobio" genre, now's a good chance to read it in full!
- The Intrepid Girlbot is a wonderful, improvised, silent story about a girl who is a robot who is also a girl! And she has a racoon friend, who is also a girl. Girls and robots! Right up my alley.
- Some of you have been moping that I don't play WoW (and hence, don't write comics about it anymore). Well, I'd like to refer you to WOW,EH??. Not only is Cadistra a WoW webcomicker, and a Druid, but she's a fellow Left-Coast-Canuck :) Have at!

I'll leave you with something by a friend who is much more talented than me: the Octopus Pie animated holiday special!

Have a very happy holiday break! :)