Comic Chameleon - Finally - Wasted Talent on your Iphone

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 Great news, everyone! Soon you'll be able to read Wasted Talent comics on your Iphone with a specially-designed app! Wasted Talent is excited to be part of Comic Chameleon, a new app that will help you read Wasted Talent and lots of other great webcomics. 

If this is something that interests you, please head over and sign up for the beta. We need your help working out the bugs in the app before it goes live. 

(If you're an Android person, don't worry... I am too! An android app is in development and I will let you know when it can get onto our beloved devices ;) )



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I'm an android person, so I will wait.


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We're looking forward to hearing back from you. I learned so much from you already. As a student in creative field I needed my share of inspiration. You've even helped me write a custom writing paper only recently. Thank you for that!

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