[art] - WT #390, it's not easy being green

Nov 29, 2008

After having slept on it and looking at it again, this week's scan is AWFUL! I'm sure it's hard for you all to appreciate out there in internet-land, but markers look muuuch better in real life. I've gotten better at scanning them, but it's still kind of sad for me when I scan something and the colour is a bit off, or not as vibrant. The pale green I used is beautiful irl, but it just won't scan solid. It's a new colour, live and learn. I'll often choose different colours because I know some scan better than others! There's one ultramarine marker that prisma makes... on paper it's this rich deep hue, but when scanned it's almost neon @_@

Colours have never been my strong suit, and I find that I'm much more confident colouring with some groups of colours than others. Blue, for example, you'll see recurring often because I'm very confident with them. Desaturated pallets, greys and browns, also appeal to me. I'm working on improving my green pallets, with the rare exception of this week I'm pretty comfortable with them. Reds is something I think I've only really pulled off once. There's something about pink, it doesn't sit well as a background colour. Purple's obviously my favourite colour, but good purple markers are really hard to find and I just haven't found a combination I've liked yet. Yellows and Oranges though are my least favourite, but I am trying to force myself to use them more. I'm especially proud of Jersey style, I was so scared it was going to just collapse into mud.

Anyway. No real point to this post, just documenting the place I'm at. I think I am improving :)