[art] - WT #368 is up!

May 26, 2008

So Wt #368 is up... I apologize for the simplicity of this strip but it's nothing short of a small miracle that it's up at all.

I'm not trying to get all wah wah wah on y'all so bear with me. ;) I usually (at least usually these days) draw and ink my comics on the weekend and colour them on Monday. I had to work late today and didn't get home until 9.

I was about halfway through my colour when I decided that the comic I was working on just wasn't funny. So I had to scramble for a new joke, and pouring over my scratch book this is what I came up with. I managed to pencil, ink AND colour the whole thing tonight. 0_o I hope it's okay. I'm actually not as stressed as I thought I would be about the whole situation.

This is the aborted comic in case anyone's curious. I might finish colouring it later, just 'cause it's useless to me in this half-coloured state.

As you can tell from that scan, I'm still having issues with the smudging. I *did* find a pen that doesn't smudge (as much, used in issues 367 and 368)... but it's smallest size is too thick for my liking. I tried on this failed strip to use a crow quill and india ink. The results were, visually, ok, I liked the super-thin lines and the scratchy feeling of using the pen was something I liked... but it turned out to smudge even WORSE than the microns! ;__;

Well I guess I'm back to Opus to buy them out of their pens. My brush pen seems to be holding up awesome, so my next attempt might have to be getting a super-thin brush, but I'm open to suggestions.

Oof, big meeting tomorrow, off to beds. Enjoy the comic!