AnimeEvo 09 is OVER!

Jun 17, 2009

This year's AnimeEvo was really amazing, thanks SO much for everyone who came out and said hi, it was great to meet you! If you missed it, this is how it went down...

On Friday I took the West Coast Express train in with my massive Bag'o'swag. A few cosplayers I met were kind enough to help me hobble over to the Vancouver convention centre. Even though I was there stupid early, I was still frantically setting up when the hall opened! I made a bunch of new stuff for my table display, so I guess it complicated things somewhat. Friday was a really great day, except for when Dave told me that he managed to get himself b& from Canada (THAT GUY!!).

I had a Q&A at 6PM which was kind of an awkward time and I was terrified no one would show up. But lots of people did! I was super impressed! It made all my 3am-day-of preparation worth it! I hope you enjoyed it, and I'd love to hear what you think I could do better next time. I'd like to do more panels :)

Saturday was the day my phone decided to start being a bitch, especially by randomly turning off my alarm. I still made it to con JUST in time to snag Dave's empty table ;D. Saturday was a really great day, lots of people I got to meet, in spite of the fact that it was like trying to talk to people at a rock concert. (Because there was literally a rock concert in the same space :x ) At noon I took a quick break from the table to be one of the first 120 people to ride the NEW SKYYYYTRAIIIIIINNNNN :D :D :D

I'm sorry, AnimEvo, the nerd in me just could NOT pass up the opportunity. The new Skytrain is awesome, really quiet and fast. The cars are really wide and there are lots of features that will make the ride more comfortable. Including visual displays of the next stop (FIIIIiiiinally). I made it all the way to the airport AND BACK in under an hour, and was faithfully back at my table spamming twitter by 1pm. :)

I tried to go to the guest dinner at 6pm that night, but they had no chairs for me to rest my po' little feet and no food that my screwed up stomach could handle, so I had to leave :( Friends dragged me to Cafe Crepe where I was able to get some MUCH NEEDED protein. In the evening my crew and Mr. Fluffy's crew had a nice evening walk along the seawall, and we hung out on the roof of the convention centre.

Then it was Late Night Improv with the 404s!! The 404s are an improv comedy troupe that specialize in anime humour and general geekery. Apparently the guy I drew in this comic is one of them! D: They invited me to go up on stage with them :D!! It was SOOOOOOOooooooo fun, I miss doing Improv.

In spite of being out until 2am doing jammy things, I miraculously got to Con on time for Sunday. The barrista at Blenz was nice enough to make me a double-shot latte with a cute little leafy swirl on top (I was so sad that I had to cover it up!) that helped to keep me upright, but caffeine alone cannot stave off THE CRANK. So if you met me on Sunday between about 10 and 1:30 (before I got my protein) I'm sorry you had to suffer THE CRANK. Trevor stumbled in at some point completely destroyed by the stag party he was at the night before. No phone. No car keys. His car was at "a beach". Hoo boy. So I'm sorry that I had to zip out of there right when alley closed, but we were a pretty cranky couple HAHAHA!

Thanks for giving me a day or two to recover, I don't know why Anime Evolution is always so intense for me, but it is! I will start the next comic tonight :)

(If you have pics, you can upload them to the Wasted Talent Page on Facebook! )